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Bicycling with Butterflies

Bicycling with Butterflies

SKU: 9781643260457

My 10,201-Mile Journey Following the Monrch Migration by Sara Dykman.  6x9 Hardback, 280 pages.  The author spent 9 months bicycling with Monard butterflies along their 10,201 mile annual migration.  The book covers her journey and the many people she encountered along the way.  The Illinois Route 66 Federation is participating in the Route 66 Monarch Flyway project to build and create favorble habitat for the Monarch butterfly along a strip 30 miles east and 30 miles west of Route 66 in Illinois.  The Sly Fox will donate $5.00 of the purchase price of this book toward the Route 66 Monarch Flyway project.  Please note, the book officially goes on sale April 13, 2021.  The store cannot ship books before that date.  But you can preorder the book at any time.

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