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Joe Gunther and Walt Longmire Return this fall

Back in the USA, two premier mystery writers, Archer Mayor and Craig Johnson, present us with their newest crime novels. Archer Mayor’s newest crime novel featuring Joe Gunther, head of the Vermont Bureau of Investigation, is The Orphan’s Guilt. A routine drunk driving traffic stop leads his lawyer hiring an investigator to look into the recent death of the driver’s younger brother. And that spawns a murder investigation bringing in Joe and his crew. If you’ve read any of Mayor’s previous Joe Gunther books, you know that they are true police procedurals—painstaking, step-by-step investigations that in the end get their culprit. In Next to Last Stand by Craig Johnson, Walt Longmire is asked to look into piece of a painting and $1,000,000 found among the effects of a man who died at the Wyoming Home for Soldiers & Sailors. That puts Walt on the trail of an art heist and raising questions whether the original Custer’s Last Fight painting was destroyed in a fire at Ft. Bliss in 1946. You just knew Walt wouldn’t stay retired for long.

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